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“The sooner we start coding fewer frameworks and more programs the sooner we’ll become better programmers. ” – Anonymous


Everyone of us knows how a good framework should look like. Even our neighbour’s cat seems to know that 😉 PHP word is much more “populated” than it was before. But do we even think about which frameworks would we use during the process of development?

To find out something about it a survey was carried out in which we asked about which framework deserves our attention the most. The only condition to participate was to have experience in more than one framework. It would be pointless to ask someone what their favorite car was if they’ve only had one. I think you know what I mean :)

Like in every internet survey – this condition seemed to be invisible to the majority of respondents. For that reason you might expect that the survey will not be objective. Users were also arguing about such issues if WordPress and others like it are frameworks at all.
After the survey the following results were presented:




Judging by the chart the most promising frameworks seem to be Laravel, Phalcon and Symfony2. On the next paces classified: Yii and CodeIgniter.

Most responses were filtered for Laravel, as more than half of the people who voted for it just did not have hardly any convincing evidence on the efficiency of this framework or had experience only in Laravel. Those answers had to be rejected. Nevertheless the win of Laravel is quite surprising.

Most of the new developers believe that PHP is a good and fast language to start with, if only because of its popularity. PHP seems to be easy and sufficient enough for them. Another advantage are constantly working IRC chat rooms where you can get help immediately. But just because of a big amount of newbies some specialists believe that “PHP is awful” 😉

Respondents mentioned the big advantage of Laravel which is its Composer, which is basically completely oblivious to the framework it is being used with. Users of Phalcon liked the fact that it is fast, contains everything you need and that the data does not leak out to unauthorized persons.

When it comes to Symfony2 – it seems to be the most modular and flexible of all the other frameworks. But the biggest drawback of Symfony2 is the slowness caused by the accumulation of all the available functions.

According to you, which framework is the most efficient?

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